Premium Membership (Annual)

$495.00 / year

The Premier membership to the Work Smart Club has an introductory price! We provide leaders with live monthly coaching sessions to ask specific questions about their challenges. You can access our on-demand library of 40+ courses and many tools & checklists to power up your leadership. These weekly live events are recorded and provide Q&A, teaching, and coaching clinics to discuss the topics that matter to you. We have content and support to ensure you work smart and thrive in a world that is upside down.



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Power Up Your Leadership!

The Premier is our membership offer for leaders who want to commit to their future. Members of the Premier plan have access to a leader’s toolkit of online content PLUS live monthly group coaching sessions! Have the opportunity to ask questions, explore challenges, and dive into your unique circumstances at work. We include our exclusive network with live events where you can ask questions and get quality answers!

This Premier plan includes courses leaders need for decision-making, dealing with office politics, managing stress, delegating, and mastering meetings, among others not available in the other plan. The monthly coaching sessions, recorded if you cannot attend, give you personalized attention for great value.

You would spend thousands of dollars on 1:1 coaching, and in this membership, you will receive expert coaching and an on-demand library for the price of one course! At this introductory price, you save $800 with the Annual Plan!!

What’s Included:

  • The toolkit of courses and micro training on practical tools you can use – right now – to power up your effectiveness.
  • Live monthly Coaching Clinic. Get answers to your specific questions and challenges.
  • Beautiful journal and physical workbooks for better application of the content.
  • *BONUS for the Annual Plan: Change Management courses, Strategic Assessment, and more


These courses sell for $99-$199 EACH; you receive them all (40+) in this fantastic package! This value is over $4000!!! You will also have checklists and PDFs for strategies you can use at the moment.

Manage Change

  1. Managing Expectations
  2. Manage Uncertainty
  3. Change Management: 5 Steps
  4. Change Management Tools
  5. Change Management Using DMAIC*
  6. Office Politics
  7. Decision-Making Toolkit
  8. Balanced Scorecard: Introduction to Strategic Planning*
  9. Strategic Assessments & Checklists*

Manage Work

  1. F.O.C.U.S.: 5-Step Problem Solving Approach
  2. Manage Your Energy. Not Your Time.
  3. Why Can’t I Get Anything Done at Work?
  4. 5S: Procedures to Organize Workspace*
  5. Kaizen Events: Build Your Team with Continuous Improvement*
  6. Step-by-Step Kanban Course
  7. Productivity Toolkit: Get More Done
  8. Goals Toolkit: Set Goals that Stick

Manage Self

  1. The Self-Aware Leader
  2. Daily Progress Checklist
  3. Imposter Syndrome
  4. Work-Life Balance
  5. Get Promoted: Plan Your Promotion Strategy
  6. Motivation Mindset*
  7. The Stress Course
  8. The Mindful Leader
  9. The Confidence Course
  10. Resilience Toolkit (Personal Resilience)
  11. Overload: 3 Steps to Thrive in an Always-On World

Manage Others

  1. 4 Types of Annoying Coworkers and Ways to Deal With Them
  2. Meeting Makeover: Power Up Your Meetings
  3. High Performing Teams*
  4. The Mindful Leader
  5. 5 Steps to a Successful Retreat
  6. Assertiveness Toolkit: Communicate Authentically
  7. Delegation Toolkit
  8. Optimism Toolkit
  9. 4 Steps to Apologizing Effectively

Courses include:

  • Self-assessments via short Quizzes throughout the courses to help you gauge where you are.
  • All courses include Course Guidebooks and course handouts, checklists, and worksheets. We also send out physical workbooks and journals.
  • Reward points 500

Our mission is to unleash your potential so you get the most from life and your career. If you want that promotion, raise, or new opportunity, you need a strategy and a group of people to cheer you on. We are here for you! Join us!

This is an annual plan, and you can cancel at any time.