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3 Simple Steps To Getting More Done

3 simple tips to getting more done

Keeping it simple is difficult. Look around – is there clutter? Books or papers piled up? Do you have to search for your keys? Look at your shampoos – how many do you have? What about make-up, black pants, white shirts? Do you have a junk drawer, a junk room? Maybe your garage?

Having stuff is great, the problem is this clutter gets in the way of showing up, at your best, every day. If you would like to increase your focus and get more done – simplify!

3 Tips to Getting More Done

# 1 Organize

Everything should have a place so that once you use something, it can back into its place. Use containers, file cabinets, folders on your computer, where you can put your stuff. 

Be sure the bins or folders are labeled, making things easy to find, when you are searching.

# 2 Set up Rules to Handle Digital Files and Physical Stuff 

When you think about the flow of information through your office, consider handling that piece of paper or that digital communication, once.

This will help you devise the policy and procedure for emails, records, documents, equipment and how that flows according to work.

If you pick it up, use it, then put it in a container, which includes the trash. Many people tell me they leave things out to “remind” them to look at it later. The problem is this lack of a system contributes to piles because when something else comes along the only place it can go is on top of the last thing that came along!    

# 3 Prioritize

Get clear on what is REALLY important to you, at this moment. This will determine what might be left out – for now – and what needs a more permanent home.

Without priorities, simplicity is impossible. The lack of clarity around your goals and your intention increases complexity.

Without any priority if you happen to have 15 minutes “extra,” you can spend that time on something that does not advance your goals. You may say Yes, to requests that require, more than fifteen minutes and before long, you have overspent on time.

Keep in mind, you need “extra” time to plan, problem-solve and unwind.   

Set your priorities and focus.

Stop. Set up your goals. Say No, so you can say Yes, to what is most important for you.

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