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Stop Wasting Time and Momentum: 3 Things to Do Instead

Stop Wasting Time and Momentum: 3 Things to Do Instead

How Do You Maintain Momentum?

We all experience the significance of time because it seems like there is never enough of it. Understanding the value of time is at the root of working smart – and not just time, but your time. If you have not yet done an inventory of how you spend your time, I highly recommend it is something you do between now and the end of the year.

Let’s rethink the argument – there is never enough time. What if… we had all the time we needed, and instead, was short on focus and thinking differently about how we do things?

When you do that inventory on everything you are doing, you will quickly see you are doing things that you have no business doing. First, just because you are good at something, and you can do it does not mean you should. Second, when you fail to delegate or to redesign you fail to grow and are short circuiting your potential.

I understand that you think you are saving time and perhaps you are in the short term, but ultimately it will hold you back.

Your Attention is the Greatest Asset You Have

The digital age is filled with distractions and deception. Distractions because of the information overload and deception because of the shiny bauble syndrome. The shiny new thing looks very compelling and so you may opt into whatever it is only to find out, you have spent too much time, perhaps some money, and come away burdened and behind.

I know this catches me ALL THE TIME! Having a phone that is really a minicomputer makes it so easy to go down those rabbit holes and “just check it out.”


This is why; it is not just the time you spend on the detour, “checking it out,” it is the loss of momentum that happens when you go off course. Without momentum, it is impossible to finish what you started and to stay on track.

3 Tips to Avoid Wasting Your Time

Here is what you do instead.

1.) Write it down & schedule it.

Keep a small notebook handy or use your phone and jot down (or record) what you wanted to check out. Then schedule in time, an hour a week, to check out these ideas. Chances are so much has happened you may decide it is no longer important.

2.) Set goals with deadlines.

The second thing you want to do to avoid wasting time and momentum is to have very clear goals. These goals include deadlines with milestones along the way so you know where you should be. Having milestones in between the larger goals will keep you focused on what should be happening now.

3.) Commit to your end result.

Are you all in on your outcome or when you get busy or distracted, do you forget all about it? Commitment is one of the measures in our Resilience assessment and what it highlights is one’s ability to stick to the plan or the goal no matter what.

Having Steps 1 & 2 in place will help you with this step.

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