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What our clients are saying...

I wish I would have taken this course a few years ago, I may have decided to stay at my high-paying job. Stress wasn’t the only factor in my leaving, but a major one. These skills would have given me more viable options to choose from, including timing my departure for a more opportune time.
Andrea B.
Manager Healthcare Outpt.
Being able to stop stress in its tracks will make me more productive and successful in my work, happier and more patient with my children, more relaxed and able to enjoy time with my husband. I know I will make healthier choices. I also think modeling these skills for my children can save them from damaging stress in their own lives. What an advantage to have this knowledge so young!
Keira F
Critical Care RN
Working with Dr. Howard changed my life. I was able to get the promotion and as a result of that I had an experience I never thought was possible – I went to NIH to work on a project. I know the confidence I gained as a result of the coaching made all the difference.
Lydia Corum
BSN, MSN, Wound Care Coordinator
… you’ve been a such a positive influence in my life and I just wanted to thank you for your mentor ship and all that you did for me.
Pragati Adhikari
Working with Dr. Howard boosted my leadership confidence. Learning about my strengths helped me recognize I was making a unique contribution. Coaching is an investment into me and with it I was able to go for that promotion.
Colette Foisey-Doll
RB, BSN, MSN, Director of Simulation
Running my business is challenging and Cynthia helped me streamline my workflow so that I was not wasting my time. The consultation was so valuable.
Wendy Warman
MS, Entrepreneur
I am such a firm believer in coaching; they help you see blind spots and give insights that help better contextualize what may or may not be an issue. Cynthia is a fountain of knowledge and experiences who is able to see opportunities in unexpected corners. In less than two months, I started a new position because she stretched me to develop and implement achievable goals. Her perspective always gives me a reason to pause. She is such a good listener and truly wants the best for her clients. She is exactly what I needed when I needed it and I am sure I will continue to seek her wisdom throughout out my career.
Amanda Milligan
Every Coach working with high achievers needs their own Coach and Cynthia has been that Coach for me. Her clinical expertise combined with her knowledge of human behavior, coaching and how we learn and change has been a true asset to me. My confidence as a Coach has skyrocketed and I am increasingly able to help my clients produce exponential results. Working with Cynthia on my own growth barriers, mindset, as well as envisioning and planning to play a bigger game has been an investment well worth making!
Sabine Brandt
Agile Coach
About four years after I started working at my previous job, I was diagnosed with five separate conditions in the same year—all before I was 30! My doctor recommended I quit that job. I knew that would cause stress from lack of income and unrealized potential. So I stayed another eight years “dealing with the stress” and got sicker and much more stressed. What I realize now is that neither my doctor nor myself understood that I was in control of how I reacted to the stressors. We treated it as an external factor that could be somewhat mitigated but not prevented or neutralized effectively by me. Now that I don’t have to allow myself to even get stressed, I know my health will improve.
Stephanie Petta
Director of Marketing
When I worked with Cynthia, she helped me to discover my true strengths but then she also took it a step further to focus on my unrealized strengths which have given me that extra push forward in my business. Her clear thinking and guidance have done wonders for enabling me to understand how I can live a better quality of daily living and life in general.
Angela Hemans
BA, Healthcare Professional turned Entrepreneur
When our department started coaching with Dr. Howard I was not sure what to expect. I took the assessments which opened my eyes into how I was coming across to others and this started a process that opened me up on the inside. My relationships are better as a result.
Jen DeClerq
MA, Director of Specialty Operations
I enjoyed the assessments and appreciated how much the emotional intelligence assessment told me about how I was coming across to others. This process helped my entire leadership team increase their commitment.
Rod Cunningham
Cynthia has been amazing to work with. She demonstrates excellence in her profession. Her style and technique are superlative and working with her has been quite rewarding. She is trustworthy and knowledgeable in her coaching for a change. I would recommend her for any needs for you have concerning stress and changing to lead a healthier lifestyle.
Kathy Lyons
Nurse Administrator, Orthopedic Associates
I worked with Dr. Howard first to help me overcome aspects that were holding me back from being the positive and driven person that I used to be. Dr. Howard has been an excellent resource and support not only to myself but to others in the healthcare industry with helping us strive to do better and to reach our full potential."
Crystal Hafenstein-Lopez
Clinical Nurse
Cynthia worked with my team of directors to develop their emotional intelligence and resilience. Everyone gained so much insight about how they come across to each other. We are having more productive meetings and I can see that people are more focused.
Betsy Feinstein
I had the opportunity to work with Dr. Howard as a staff nurse. I want to prepare myself for a promotion and I know I need to develop a thick skin and learn to be organized. I am learning so much. I love the Work Smart Club Network.
Madeline P
aspiring manager
As a new manager, I was worried most of the time and felt really overwhelmed. I went from knowing exactly what to do, to being confused about my role. The Lead Smart Program helped me learn how to coach my staff and assume a manager’s role. I loved being able to access these short video’s when I needed them!
Kim W
Manager, Outpatient Surgery
I never realized how much everyday hassles drained my energy. I love the Daily Practice and the Resilience Toolkit!
Silvia K
Department Lead
Burnout almost cost me my career. I am so happy I found Dr. Cynthia. Not only is my energy renewed, I have purpose and upgraded my communication skills.
F. M.
RN, BSN, MSN, Director of Nursing, LTC
I coach everyone else. Having my own coach helped me tremendously. Not only do I understand myself better, I really understand my staff. This process has helped me prioritize, strategize and take action with confidence - priceless!
R. S.
Director, Healthcare
I have had trouble trusting my instincts and it really slows me down and gives others the impression I am not secure and confident. After working with Dr. Cynthia, I have confidence in my instincts and my judgment. I have shifted from my previous place of playing it small to a confident and respectable position. I love the feeling.
J. W
NP, Director of Clinic
I was struggling with what to do about my own career path. I did not know how to ask from a raise or set up my plan for promotion. I was fearful, embarrassed and so worried about rejection. After working with Dr. Cynthia, I have a plan and a strategy and I feel so confident in what I want. I am confident I can now command the position and money I really want.
E. B
RN, MSN, Nurse Manager
I struggled with anger. I was blunt with my staff and ended up taking out my frustrations on them. I not only have a sense of relief, I am aware and in control of my stress reaction. Thank you Cynthia for your help.
MD, Internal Medicine

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