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The Importance of Resilience Training

The Importance of Resilience Training

When you are a manager or a leader, it is expected that you continue to learn, grow and develop. Undergoing resilience training can make the difference in sustaining a fulfilling career, achieving financial success, and living a life you enjoy. There are pressures built into your position because of being sandwiched between the front line and the bottom line. 

In order to be effective and not just “make it through, self-care needs to top your list of priorities. 

Resilience training is popular because it helps you improve your mind, body, and emotional well-being at work and at home.

Here’s what you should know about resilience training and why it’s great for leaders.

Sandwich Stress: Between the Front Line and the Bottom Line

One of the main reasons you should engage in resilience training is because we have learned that unexpected events, like COVID, can take its toll when one is not prepared. Being on the front line has pushed many staff to their limits. As the  manager, this increases your demand to be present and help to facilitate progress despite the uncertainty and added pressure it brings.

To be ready for the challenges, you have to know how to take care of you, before you can take care of others. Your job will require you to deal with the unexpected, handle pressure, other people when they are upset, long hours and obstacles that might be the biggest you’ve faced since starting your career.

When you have resilience training,  you are equipped to manage the pressures and even learn to thrive in the midst of what is going on. As a leader, it is essential to want to be your best and make a difference; training in resilience helps you do this.

This Training Builds Mental Clarity and Toughness

The mental health benefits that you get from resilience training are immeasurable. People that build a strong and healthy mind can face the challenges of their career and their personal lives.

Leaders that go through resilience training will come away with proven techniques that will change their response to stress. 

When you activate resilience you improve your ability to be mindful, which improves your focus, and this gives you fortitude and clarity. The first line of defense to change your stress reaction is to breathe deliberately

It helps you to gain mental clarity and resolve, that puts you in a position to stay calm and carry on, no matter what happens during your workday.

Managing People Can Be Stressful 

Never lose sight of the fact that managing others can bring about emotional stress. If you undergo resilience training, you will learn to take care of your own emotions, so that you have the emotional resolve and intelligence to deal with the conflict that comes when people work together. 

Taking the time and effort to build your emotional intelligence will help you make it through the stressors and perils that come with the territory. When your emotions are healthy and in check, you’ll be less likely to deal with burnout, and will appreciate the job that you do.

Distraction Drains Your Energy

As a manager and leader you have to deal with a full plate and then some; distractions are part of the job. Did you know when you are distracted you are more likely to be fatigued? This is because the primitive survival reaction gets triggered with distraction causing a false sense of urgency to use more energy than needed. It burns up your precious energy reserves and can lead to burn-out.

Activating your resilience helps you develop stamina and this helps you buffer against the stress reactions.  

SUPERTIP: Boosting your resilience includes physical stamina. Make a point to move more, stretch, walk, do resistance training, build your core for greater physical flexibility. Fifteen minutes a day is the minimum to help you perform better, clear your mind and increase your stamina. 

Resilience Training Gives You an Action Plan Against Stress

When you undergo resilience training, you will be better able to deal with stress whenever it comes your way.

Our training is a holistic approach, beginning with an understanding of your stress triggers and then providing strategies to optimize your best response.  By being aware of your energy drains and those triggers of the fight or flight response, you can take action to avoid a negative reaction. 

We include additional resources to teach mindfulness, aromatherapy,  journaling, and energy management to provide a comprehensive strategy to deal with stress.

Your Overall Quality of Life Will Improve

Finally, you should undergo resilience training because it doesn’t just improve your career, it improves your entire quality of life.

When you are more resilient, you will enjoy your day, concentrate better and have the energy to pursue your passions. You will even sleep better restoring yourself at night. You’ll find balance in your life that improves your entire resolve, and lets you go after your dreams one day at a time.

When you have the extra energy, you will appreciate the fact that you’re better at your career, which brings about its own rewards.

Take Advantage of Resilience Training 

Consider the tips above so that you can make use of resilience training to take your leadership to the next level.

Work Smart Coaching and Consulting would be happy to help you with any services that you need for your staff. To learn more, contact us using our website.

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