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The Value of Reflection (Power Tool Great Leaders Live By)

The Value of Reflection (Power Tool Great Leaders Live By)

Reflection is a powerful habit that is used by successful people. Benjamin Franklin made this part of his daily routine. He was an accomplished man; poet, postmaster, author, statesman, inventor, musician and one of the founding fathers of the USA. He did at one time struggle with time management, believe it or not and in his effort to become a better person, he embraced the power of reflection.

Every morning, he would ask himself the question, “What good shall I do today?”

In his journal, he jotted down his thoughts; today you might put your reflections in an app.  

The Elements of Reflection

Reflection is not the same as ruminating where you spend time going over and over the experience. There is a process to reflection. Watch the 7 minute video from our Ei Impact Training course.

Watch the Video

By going through each of the steps you are able to capture so much information from the experience.

Reflection is how adults learn.

Can you see how embracing this habit creates an intentional approach to the day. Why not start this habit for yourself? Grab a notebook, or use an app, and embrace this power tool. You will find you have more insight into yourself and others. 

Benefit of Reflection

  • Enables you to connect the dots between what you are doing and what is most important.
  • It deepens your understanding.
  • It gives you a second and third chance to find the best solution.
  • It increases your sense of satisfaction.

Spend a few moments of quiet time every day and reflect on what worked and what did not. Learn from what didn’t and then let it go. Embrace the success and commit to doing more of it!

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