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Module 1, Topic 1
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Sample Retrospective Format

The retrospective is an important step as you wrap up any project, especially the Change project. Here are the steps to setting up the Retrospective.

  1. Schedule the retrospective when setting up your Change plan.
  2. Give the meeting time vs rushing through the process, i.e., give an hour for a complex project.
  3. Email team members the meeting time, date, place, a week in advance, when possible, with the sample format you plan to use, so they will be prepared with their responses.
  4. The retrospective happens in the Sustain the Change phase, right after the intervention ends. This is before you start monitoring how the new intervention is doing.
  5. Appoint a scribe to transcribe the meeting, logging all the suggestions. Create a digital folder or a notebook and keep all reports and files associated with each project for review.
  6. Invite an executive or sponsor to this meeting to update them on the project. This also gives the team member presenting or responsible for the change project, a chance to shine.