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Leverage Conflict for Better Performance

When you learn to leverage conflict you will move your team from stuck to energized.

The average leader spends 25-40% of their time on conflict. Knowing how to leverage conflict and turn it into opportunity is critical for success as a leader.


To energize you and your team by leveraging conflict and turning it into opportunity.


  1. Learn the 5 styles of handling conflict.
  2. Determine your conflict style.
  3. Know when to apply the right style for the best outcome.

Think about the money, time, and resources you would save if you learned to manage conflict. This course includes the leading conflict assessment (TKI), which identifies 5 conflict styles. You will learn what your default style is and how to use all the styles at the right time.

The saying, “you have to pick your battles,” does not mean you ignore conflict. Ignored conflict becomes toxic and affects everyone in the environment. The saying means you do not have to approach all conflict the same way.

This course introduces 5 different styles to help you understand how different approaches to misunderstanding can empower you and your team.

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