Resilience Roadmap – The High Performance Advantage Book


This book dives into the 5 levels of the resilience pyramid. This includes the assessment. This book makes for an excellent study for teams to build their resilience skills while learning to have a conversation on handling stress and pressure. Exercises included in the book to deepen understanding of the suggested strategies. Excellent for teams. Books can be purchased in bulk. 





Distraction and pressure are the new normal. Information overload challenges everyone to keep up. Working smart means you understand that your capacity drives performance and even though the pace of the workplace has accelerated – it does not have to limit your performance or opportunity.

In RESILIENCE ROADMAP: The High-Performance Advantage, you begin with an assessment to identify your baseline on the five levels of resilience:

  • Energy
  • Awareness
  • Mindset
  • Connections
  • Flow