3 Seconds to Impact


Leaders Guide to a Mindset Reboot

What you notice, you change. Leaders are there because they want to make a difference, yet stress, pressure, and the craziness of disruption and uncertainty have turned the world upside down.

We plan for you to make an impact by engaging in the resources you have ready and available – your attention.





In 3 Seconds to Impact, you will learn key strategies so you:

  1. Stop overthinking and overdoing
  2. Energize your purpose and your power to lead 
  3. Build an authentic leadership brand for meaningful interactions

The book, 3 Seconds to Impact is your guide to a mindset reboot! This is a great tool for leadership teams to use for group activity. The 140-page book has chapter summaries and homework items providing discussion points and activities to practice.

The book begins with 3 mindset shifts leaders need to make and goes into strategies to reboot focus and stay on track in such a noisy and uncertain world.