365 Power Thoughts for the Resilient Leader


This book has 365 unique strategies and tips to transform your thinking into a resilient mindset. #realchange  #boldimpact

The book comes with suggestions on how to use the book along with step-by-step instructions on 5 unique strategies to eliminate the stress reaction.

This is a great gift idea for teams and leaders. Help your people shift out of negative thinking. This book is part of the Work Smart Club & Library.

380 pages.





Everything begins with a thought … 

Leaders are challenged to do more with less. You have to motivate people amid change, confusion, and conflict. Too often, you forget to motivate yourself!

This book is a one-minute daily read for insight and to support a mind shift in how you view work, yourself, and the world around you.  As a leader, perspective sets the tone for how you are perceived and how you view people in your environment.

The book is a great gift for teams, leaders, and staff as part of a team-building effort or retreat.