Why Can’t I Get Anything Done?


Order the book and get a FREE course in our on-demand library. This 74-page book is an easy read with proven tips on 4 of the most common challenges people have at work. Learn what you can do RIGHT NOW to break through and get more done! Use this at a retreat, staff meetings, or as part of your development series.





“My team & I love these tips!”   “Easy read with great tips!”

These are a few comments from people who ordered this book. Order the book and receive a free course in our exclusive on-demand library.

For many people, work has become a major stressor. Between communication breakdowns, toxic work environments, lack of time, and too much to do, it can feel impossible to get anything done.

This book provides an overview of 4 challenges most people experience at work, and we provide the antidote.  You will have actionable strategies you can use right now to manage the 4 biggest challenges people have at work.

Do you relate to these challenges?

  1. Not enough time.
  2. Pressure to keep the status quo
  3. Lack of priorities
  4. Drama – Office politics

This 74-page book offers proven tips to break through and finally get more done.  Easy to read and filled with tips you can use right now.