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  • 3 Modules

    Get Promoted: Plan Your Promotion Strategy

    Planning your career is an important part of work. Your career plan will determine your income and your retirement. This deserves your time and attention!

  • 7 Modules

    Goals Toolkit: Set Goals that Stick

    The Goal Setting Goal is practical and will equip you to set goals that move you and your team forward. You will learn 3 unique goal setting methods that can be used independently of each other or combined.

  • 8 Modules

    High Performing Teams

    Move your group to a cohesive group bound by a common goal and purpose. Get the tools in this course.

  • 6 Modules

    HRG Resilience Assessment

    We know more today about how stress impacts the body and one’s thinking along with how to develop resilience. Research now shows that resilience is a set of skills you can develop.  The HRG measures how effectively a person can cope with stress based on how you think, feel and act. Specifically, the HRG has 3 scales: Challenge (Flexibility), Control (Confidence) and Commitment (Passion), all instrumental for predicting resilience. The HRG assessment will identify how you view stressful situations based on 3 main components: how you view change, the control you feel you have over events and your engagement in your life (desire/passion).
  • 6 Modules

    Imposter Syndrome

    Learn how you can transform the Imposter Syndrome into authentic confidence.

  • 7 Modules

    Kaizen Events: Build Your Team with Continuous Improvement

    This course provides the foundational elements of Kaizen along with the steps to hold a Kaizen event.

  • 7 Modules

    Lead Smart

    Accelerate your career and build a credible leadership brand! This is an intensive leadership program with training and coaching to ensure your success.

  • 9 Modules

    Leverage Conflict for Better Performance

    When you learn to leverage conflict you will move your team from stuck to energized.

  • 7 Modules

    Manage Conflict at Work

    Your ability to successfully manage conflict will open doors for more opportunities and promotion. Conflict management is a necessary skill for effective leaders.

  • 8 Modules

    Manage Uncertainty

    This course provides helpful checklists to manage your emotions, time and energy during these uncertain and volatile times.
  • 8 Modules

    Manage Your Energy. Not Your Time.

    This course is a collection of strategies you can use, right now, to  plug up your energy leaks.

  • 6 Modules

    Managing Expectations

    Managing expectations is an ongoing dance between time and demands. This course provides a roadmap.

  • 7 Modules

    Meeting Makeover: Power Up Your Meetings

    Are you ready to transform your meetings into a performance engine?

  • 11 Modules

    Momentum: 100 Day Performance Plan

    Momentum is an understated element in effective change. Leaders need to manage momentum; here is a 100-day map to sustain an energizing pace of change. 

  • 9 Modules

    Motivation Mindset

    Staying motivated is challenging in this world of disruption and uncertainty. This course is a deep dive into what self-determination and motivation and the many ways you can support it.

  • 6 Modules

    Myer Briggs Type Indicator® Assessment Course

    The MBTI assessment can transform how people work together. Forward-looking leaders are moving to a flexible, team-focused approach to getting work done and this assessment powers teams ability to work well together. The insights from this assessment enhances leadership training, conflict management, transitions and agility in career. The MBTI assessment is a powerful tool to build confidence, understand one's strengths, so you can develop an impactful leadership approach. It provides a positive framework to understand and value individual differences. *Used by more than 88 percent of Fortune 500 companies in 115 countries, and available in 29 languages, it has become the go-to framework for people development globally.
  • 10 Modules

    New Manager Toolkit

    Congratulations on your promotion! Managers have a tremendous impact on the people they lead. This course prepares you to be your best.   

  • 9 Modules

    Office Politics

    Learning to network is essential for your career. "Politics" can derail that effort.

  • 6 Modules

    Optimism Toolkit

    The course in optimism is an excellent way to expand your perspective and develop new ways of thinking about your environment.

  • 3 Modules

    Overload: 3 Steps to Thrive in an Always On World

    Learn 3 simple strategies to get beyond the experience of overload.